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Corbett tourism-Reasons to visit Jim Corbett National Park ,Uttarakhand,India

Corbett National Park, built up in 1936 with the name Hailey National Park and renamed as Ramganga National Park in 1952, got its present name in 1957 after Jim Corbett, the acclaimed naturalist and picture taker. This is India's first national stop and certain the most appealing Park in India. The Park is put in the foothills of the Himalayas, amidst rich greenery and uneven mountains with changing statures, running from around 1300 feet to almost 4000 feet. It is trusted that the place, for the most part lying on the banks of Ramaganga River, has succeeded an old human progress.
The fundamental fascination of voyagers and natural life fans to this Park is that the superb perspective of Tiger with all its ferocity in this Park. This stop is a characteristic natural surroundings of the uncommon types of Tigers that are confronting eradication. It is a place draws immense visitor inflow and offers phenomenal touring. The central command of Project Tiger, Ramnagar is a decent place to remain.
Corbett National Park is well known for its rich verdure. Likewise the wild creatures, reptiles and fledgling with numerous assortments of species improve the Park and it is safe house for flying creature watchers, untamed life devotees, tree huggers and nature mates. Extremely rich in vegetation, in the event that we take measurements there are about more than 51 various types of bushes, more than 30 sorts of bamboos and more than 110 unique types of trees, aside from the greenish grass seen just in glades.
The Park, eminent for the superb panthers and elephants, caters for the life of numerous uncommon types of warm blooded creatures, feathered creatures and reptiles, more than 25 types of reptiles, 585 sorts of winged animals and more than 50 assortments of well evolved creature species. In the event that one is intrigued he can enjoy energetic with deers, seen in Corbett National Park, yapping deer, spotted dear, sambar, chinkara are a portion of the various types of species found in the Park. Another significant fascination here is the oceanic reptiles; various types of crocodiles can be spotted here. Corbett National Park is truly a value regular stop to visit, to see the nature's assortments and magnificence. This is a recreation center first among equivalents.

Keypoints of Corbett

  • India's first national and most appealing Park .
  • The Park is put in the foothills of the Himalayas, amidst rich greenery and uneven mountains with changing statures.
  • Offers superb perspective of Tiger with all its ferocity in this Park.
  • Virtual heaven for bird watchers and nature lovers.
  • An ecotourism destination,it contains 488 unique species of plants and a various assortment of fauna.
  • The Park is famous for the majestic elephants and leopards, caters for the life of many rare species of mammals, reptiles and birds, more than 25 species of reptiles, 585 kinds of birds and over 50 varieties of mammal species.
  • Another significant fascination here is the aquatic reptiles and different kinds of crocodiles.

Things to do in Corbett

Jungle Safari:- To appreciate bird watching and sights of wild creatures, particularly tigers, meandering in the wild, the wilderness safaris offer jeep rides through the landscape. The jeeps are secured with bars and fastens to guard you from creatures. Different creatures here incorporate leopards, elephants,jungle cats, sambar deer, sloth bears, barking deer,Himalayan black bears, Langurs, Mongoose, pythons, crocodiles and birds including parakeet, red junglefowl,owls, crested serpent eagle.

Elephant Ride:- Find the concealed privileged insights and unexplored safe houses of tempting landscape with the euphoric elephant safari .Appreciate the quiet climate of the woodland respected by enterprise seekers and untamed life picture takers alike.Wander into the brave and exciting knowledge of safari in the lavish green Corbett scenes.

River Rafting:- River rafting in the Kosi is a standout amongst the most excellent approaches to appreciate the rapid waters. Some experience water games are likewise sorted out on the waterway.

Bungee Run:- Up in the mountains, this energizing gaming action entices all enterprise fans. You've listened, and most likely encountered a bungee bounce. Presently encounter a bungee run. Bungee running is an action where members are appended to a secured bungee line and hurried to come to a settled target.Participate in this fun push movement up in the slopes. Run quick to achieve your objective before the bungee string tosses you back.Test your quality and deftness in a controlled domain with sufficient security measures.

Water Roller:- Staying away from the consistent rides in the event congregations, we should have some ongoing fun. All you enterprise addicts there, go along with us quickly to encounter an elating background of water exercises. Appreciate the exciting movement of 6 foot water roller.As per the direction of the experts, move inside a giant 6-foot circle and rock-and-roll in the water. Absorb and unwind the water daylong and appreciate an exciting action alongside your family and companions.

Bird Watching:- Come and appreciate watching one of a kind types of flying creatures through this action.Visit Corbett National Park, a home to more than 600 types of colorful fowls.Stroll through the recreation center and appreciate watching different birds, for example, Lesser Fish Eagle, Pallas's Fish Eagle, Cinereous Vulture,Tawny Fish and Spot-bellied Eagle Owl, etc.

8 Obstacle Course:- A hindrance course is normally comprised of sets of testing physical obstructions that must be explored either independently, or as a group. They more often than exclude exercises that include swimming, hopping, running, adjusting and a large group of different difficulties. Take an interest in a fun and testing snag course to test your capacity to handle these difficulties. The course incorporates snags like the Zig Zag Bridge,Plank Bridge, the Balance Beam, the Burma Bridge, the Block Bridge, the Hanging Tunnel, the Tire Bridge and the Commando Net.

Places to See Around Corbett

>Dhikala Tourism Zone:- Dhikala is a notable vacationer goal in Jim Corbett National Park. Arranged at the fringe of the broad Patil Dun valley from where the Ramganga streams in various channels. Truly Dhikala is arranged roughly at a separation of 35 km from Dhangarhi Gate, promising all the more genuine experience of nature. Dhikala backwoods cabin is the sole place in Indian National Park that licenses night remain in the lap of nature. Hard core wild lifer prescribes an extremely intriguing spot to discover convenience in. It offers exceptional perspective of the valley, with the Kanda.

Garjia Temple:- Garjia Devi Temple is arranged at an appropriate separation of 14 km from Ramnagar city while in transit to Ranikhet. The sanctuary is really a colossal shake that is set in the midst of waterway Kosi, which has been named as Garjia Devi after the divinity. Fans achieve sanctuary subsequent to climbing a few flights of stairs. Sanctuary draws in a large number of lovers from over the world.

Sitabani Forest Reserve:- Located at a rough separation of 10 km from Ramnagar, Sitabani is a hard woods region however not the piece of Corbett Tiger Reserve. Sitabani is paradise for bird watchers as the place is just spot where numerous types of feathered animals enhance the environs of region. Aside from, the hold gives an adobe to a decent number of natural life including yapping deer, panther, tigers,wild pigs, elephant and lord cobra. The place has noteworthy significance as well; connected with the epic Ramayana, it is said that Sitabani is a similar place where Goddess Sita (spouse of Lord Rama) spent her days of removal. Proclaimed as cradle zone region by the woods authorities just has two methods of transport - Elephant and Jeep Safari is permitted.

Corbett Water Fall:- Situated at an estimated separation of 25 km from Ramnagar City by surface. The waterfall is cuddled in the midst of the green foliage and falls down into a little tidal pond like pool. It is a best excursion spot for gatherings going to Corbett National Park. Visitor can appreciate swimming and can revive every one of the faculties of the body.

Dhangarhi Museum:- Dhangarhi gate is arranged 20 km from Ramnagar railroad station. The historical center has been set up at the principle section door of the recreation center resemble a prologue to Jim Corbett National Park. The exhibition hall portrays the most extreme data about the land geology and natural life species living the recreation center.

Kosi River: The River Kosi streams rough to the Corbett National Park and structures the eastern limit of the Park. In spite of the fact that the stream does not enter the National Park limit but rather wild creatures from Corbett go to the waterway banks for drinking water particularly amid pinch periods. The waterway is possessed by Masheer and pulls in numerous types of transient winged animals as well. So the zone is best for flying creature watching and capturing them. It is an extraordinary place for youthful voyagers, sitting at the banks of stream in night, have a taste of brew and you can read your most loved book.

Bijrani Tourism Zone:- Bijrani Tourism Zone is the premium zone of the recreation center, known for its fascinating greenery and stunning vegetation. Bijrani is one of the most astounding natural life populated Tiger Reserve Area of Corbett National Park. The passage purpose of this zone is Amdanda Gate close to Ramnagar. Explorers may have most elevated probability of tiger spotting amid Bijrani Jeep Safari. Sound populace of natural life, open fields, profound and thick woods with stormy channels is a portion of the real attractions of Bijrani wildlife zone.

Must see places in Corbett

Corbett Museum


Garjia Temples Corbett


Corbett Fall Corbett


Sita Bani Corbett


Jhirna Corbett


Kalagarh Dam Corbett


Dhikala Corbett


Ramganga River


Bijrani Corbett


Dhangari Museum


Do's and Don'ts in Corbett:

Do's :-

  • Licenses are necessary for entering the Corbett Tiger Reserve so please enter the recreation center after getting the permit. Voyagers are requires to convey a litter pack while entering the recreation center and bring back their non-biodegradable trash like container,plastic, metal foils, tin can and so forth. Outside the recreation center.
  • Get official enrolled Nature's guide that will help you in spotting wildife and guaranteeing that you don't lose your way in the forest.
  • Wild creatures are the real resource of the recreation center, regard and keep up a protected separation from them.
  • Listen to the resonant music of the timberland rather than your stereo.
  • It is fitting to wear the garments of colours which converge with the environment like khaki, olive green and some other dull colour.
  • It would be ideal if you turn off lights, fans and water taps when not being used.
  • It is essential to obtain clearance authentication before leaving your place of residence inside the Tiger Reserve.
  • Maximum two adults and two kids (underneath 12 years) per room is permitted to remain in the visitor zone, so organize your journey according to the accessibility of rooms.
  • Drive gradually.


  • Try not to convey any sort of guns inside the Tiger Reserve, it is entirely restricted.
  • Smoking and lighting any ruler of flame is entirely denied inside the Tiger Reserve.
  • Driving after the nightfall is entirely precluded inside the reserve.
  • Cooking is not permitted inside the National Park.
  • Try not to play any sort of transistors and recording devices.
  • Try not to take your vehicles off the assigned courses along these lines making harm plant or creature.
  • Try not to blow horns and driving over as far as possible is entirely precluded.
  • Take care of zones as passage into the confined zone by guests is restricted.
  • Yelling, prodding or endeavor to nourish creatures are restricted and will invite severe punishments.
  • Non veggie lover nourishment is entirely denied inside the Corbett Tiger Reserve.
  • Try not to enter the National Park after the nightfall.
  • Your allow to the National Park is non transferable so don't attempt any sort of unfair means.

Best Time To Visit Corbett

The atmosphere in the Corbett National Park is calm during that time however the best time to visit the national park is from fifteenth November till as amid that time every one of the locales of the recreation center are open for publiic.
Winter (November to February) has a temperature variety of 5 C to 30 C.Winter mornings can be foggy however wonderful evening makes it a decent time for getting a charge out of safari.
Summer (March to May) touch 40C and the normal temperature is around 30C.Wiildlife devotee ought to incline toward booking Corbett visit bundle amid this season as this period is ideal for creature locating. They can move around the Park and appreciate wildlife safaris.
Storm (June to September) offer overwhelming precipitation; there can be light precipitation discontinuously entire as the year progressed. The rainstorm regards appreciate the common excellence however a couple zones of the recreation center are shut amid these months. Corbett National Park is a noteworthy piece of North India tourism and it can be gone to at whatever time of the year yet summer months are ideal for creature locating in case you're an wildlife fan. Winter months are perfect for safaris and taking up wilderness exercises.

How To Reach Corbett

Corbett By Flight:- The nearest domestic airport to Corbett National Park is 50 kms far from Corbett National Park at Phoolbagh, Pantnagar. At 295 Km from Corbett National Park, the closest International Airport is at Delhi. The real air connect for visitors originating from northern parts of India is at Dehradun and Lucknow. Ideally, travelers benefiting flight from inside India, or different parts of the world, ought to arrive down either to Palam Airport (residential) or to Indira Gandhi International Airport (International), New Delhi, likewise. Both the airplane terminals have very much encouraged air interfaces inside and additionally outside India.

Corbett By Train:- The nearest railroad station to Corbett National Park is Ramnagar, which is 12 km from the Park. Ramnagar is the end of Delhi-Moradabad-Ramnagar broad gauge branch of North East Railway.

Corbett By Road:- Most people prefer to drive down to Corbett National Park. It takes roughly six hours from Delhi to cover the 295-km stretch.

Corbett Tourism

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Activities In corbett

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