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Rishikesh Attractions/Tourist places/Local Sightseeing

Rishikesh Local Sightseeing Attravctions in Uttaranchal, is a renowned pilgrimage destination in India. Many believe it as the land of gods. The majestic Himalayas, the holy river Ganges, myths and legends, temples and monks make Rishikesh a soothing destination where the believer finds peace of mind and soul. The splendid nature is a major draw for the non-believer. Added to that, the ample scope of adventure sports feature among the tourist attractions in Rishikesh.

In Rishikesh Sightseeing Places For tourist attractions are many but the famous rishikesh attractions are-Laxman Jhula,Triveni Ghat,Nilkhanth Mahadev Temple,Bharat Temple,Kailash Niketan Temple,Gita Bhavan,Swarg Aashram,Shivanand Aashram,Treaking,White Water Rafting to name the few.Majorly the tourism activities in Rishikesh include.To know about the must see tourist places in Rishikesh -Uttarakhand,use the information below-

Lakshman Jhula #1

This suspended bridge running from one bank of Ganga to other is the landmark of the city. It was built in 1939. The legend behind it states that Lakshman crossed a bridge made of jute ropes here on river Ganga. The view from the bridge itself is panoramic. The mountains covered in green belt, the waters flowing below, a cool breeze, all these together make Lakshman Jhula a great place to visit. You can also feed the fish in the river below from the bridge itself, the fish gather at the place where people drop food for them.

Triveni Ghat #2

It is the main bathing ghat in Rishikesh where every morning several devotees take a dip in the holy waters of Ganga. The Ghat is so named because it is believed that this is the place of confluence of three holiest Hindu rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Sarswati. This is the place where River Ganga takes a complete right angle turn. The most enchanting experience here is that of the evening aarti. Scores of devotees stand on the steps of the ghat at this time.

Nilkanth Mahadev Temple #3

At a height of approximately 5500 feet is the famous temple of Nilkanth Mahdeo. It is situated at a hill top above Swarg ashram. Legend goes that this was the place where lord Shiva had drank venom which had come out from churning the sea. After drinking it, his neck had turned blue with the poison and hence he was called 'Neelkanth', the one with blue neck. To visit this most revered temple of Rishikesh, jeeps are available from Lakshman Jhula.

Bharat Temple #4

This is the oldest temple in Rishikesh built by Adiguru Shankaracharya in 12th century. Dedicated to Bharat, younger brother of Lord Ram, it is situated in the old town near Triveni Ghat. Details about temple are available in ancient records of Kearkhand. The original temple was destroyed by Tamur during his invasion in 1398. However, many important things are well preserved till date here.

Kailash Niketan Temple #5

Crossing Lakshman Jhula, the main temple you will see is Kailash Niketan Temple. It is a 13 storey structure slightly different from regular temples. The temple has sculptures of all the gods and goddesses.

Gita Bhavan #6

Crossing Lakshman Jhula is the famous Gita Ashram that was set up in 1950's. It is famous for its depicted walls. Paintings, statues, scenes from the epics Mahabharata and Ramayana adorn the ashram walls. A free ayurvedic dispensary is run here, and a branch of Gita press Gorakhpur is also here. You can also buy bedsheets, cotton sarees from here. Pravachans, keertans are a regular affair in the ashram, one can enjoy bhakti sangeet here in the evenings.

Swarg Ashram #7

The place is bustling with activity all the time. Ashrams, temples, shops, restaurants, eating joints, all these ensure that the place is always active. Many statues adorn this one of the oldest ashrams in Rishikesh founded by Swami Vishuddhananda popularly known as 'Kali kamli wale'. The spiritual air of the soul pacifies one and all.

Shivanand Ashram #8

A doctor by profession, Swami Shivanand renounced his life in Delhi and came to Rishikesh in 1924. He set up Divine Life Society in 1936 here. He wrote some 200 books on yoga, health and spiritual life before he died in 1963. The ashram organises regular yoga classes, one can pursue from here studies in texts like Upanishads and Gita.

Trekking #9

Situated at the foothills of Himalayas, Rishikesh is an ideal location for rafting and cannoning and trekking activities in India. Travelers from various parts of the country as well as the world come to Rishikesh every year, to enjoy the enormous Himalayan treks. Surrounded by mountain ranges from all sides, Rishikesh provides trekkers some exciting outlooks of dense forests, serene rivers and wild mountain ranges.

White Water Rafting #10

The main sporting activity in Rishikesh is White Water Rafting. It has grown to a popular and adventurous spot for white water rafting enthusiasts as the place offers a spectacular experience of medium to very tough and rough rapids in the regions of River Ganges. Many adventurous tourists both from India and abroad visit this place to experience the real challenges of white water rafting.

Bistro Nirvana #11

Bistro Nirvana is a foodie’s paradise. It’s a quiet place with serene ambience, away from the hustle and bustle of the Rishikesh town. It offers delicious food coupled with soothing music, warm service and pleasing staff.This new joint hits the right groove, with a shaded patio and elevated tables with cushioned bench seating.

Hanuman Mandir #12

Hanuman Mandir located at Maya Kund, this temple was erected in 1924 by Swami Ramdas alias Oriya Baba. It draws a large number of devotees every Tuesday - the day traditionally fixed for Hanuman worship.

Babji Neem Karoli Mandir #13

Neem Karoli Baba Rishikesh Ashram, just south of Rishikesh, on the west side of the road you will be greeted by one of the two Hanuman murtis at Neem Karoli Baba’s (Baba Neeb Karori's) Rishikesh Ashram.

Bara Bazar #14

In the market at Bara Bazar in Haridwar, you can choose to buy both religious as well as decorative items. Standing on the Railway Road, the market attracts pilgrims and tourists from far and wide. Rudraksha seeds (be ware of the fake ones), churan (digestive powders) and a wide range of sweets made from milk are sold at the shops in Bara Bazar.

Chotiwala Restaurant #15

The original Chotiwala is located at a walking distance from Ram Jhula into the Rishikesh’s main market area, which makes it pretty much an unmissable place. However, more than that, it is the man who sits outside the restaurant with painted face depicting himself as the Chotiwala that makes this place almost impossible to miss.

Byashi #16

Rishikesh is abundant with experience sports, in any case, they are all in various areas of the town. So the rescuer here is a spot called Byasi, around a hour's drive from primary Rishikesh city, Byasi is the center point of all experience wears, all at one spot. It is additionally home to the Shivpuri stretch, the longest extend in India for rafting.

Ganga Aarti #17

The Ganga Aarti at Triveni Ghat, also called as the Maha Aarti, is an evening prayer performed on the banks of the River Ganga. It is a major highlight of the ghat, which attracts a large number of devotees and visitors.

Khadi Bhandar #18

In Rishikesh you can get the wide range of the Khadis clothes, silk sarees and the Kurtas in the Khadi Bhandar, here you can also find the organic grocery, food, jackets, wallets and also the chappals.

Kaudiyala #19

Kaudiyala is one of the most frequented places in Rishikesh. Situated at about 380 m above sea level, it offers a mesmerising view of the lush greenery spread all around. And if the adventure lover in you is craving for some action, this is just the place to be. 

Laxman Jhula Market #20

Lakshman Jhula Bridge (both sides) there are many shops and stalls.They sell local craft, clothing and shoes. Lots of brassware is also on sale everywhere. Trinkets and ornaments , religious and otherwise, were for sale at really cheap prices. There are also quite a few shops that sell Ayurvedic medicines and oils

Neergarh Waterfal #21

A lovely waterfall at the end of a 20-minute hike that starts 2km north of Lakshman Jhula.Neer Gaddu Waterfall is one of the beautiful sightseeing spot in Rishikesh. This natural waterfall adorns the town by its exquisite picturesque views and beautifully carved rocks.

Moti Bazar #22

This series of shops stands on the Upper Road. Most of the stalls located here sell relgious items include pooja samagri and other related commodities. In addition, these shops also have on display items including copper and brass utensils, sweets, glass bangles, cane baskets, pickles and a range of Ayurveda products.

Raghunath Mandir #23

It's right by the side of the famous Triveni Ghat, a walk's distance away from Laxman Jhoola.Raghunath Temple is Located at Rishikund ans Near by Triveni GhatinRishikesh.This temple is dedicated to Lord Ram and his Wife Sita. This temple is located near the Rishikund so that some people believed that Lord Ram used the tank for bathing while he was in exile. 

Patna Waterfall #24

Located in Mohanchatti village, Patna Waterfall is a famous sightseeing attraction and also a trekker's delight as you have to walk through some interesting trails to reach here. You will be accompanied by lush greenery all across your journey which culminates at this fascinating waterfall.

Ram Jhula #25

Ram Jhula is an iron suspension bridge situated at Muni Ki Reti in Tehri Garhwal disctrict in Indian state of Uttarakhand. Built in the year 1986, over river Ganges to cross the river and is a landmark of Rishikesh. Ram jhula is located 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) north of Rishikesh at Muni Ki Reti.

Veerbhadra Temple #26

Veerbhadra by the order of Lord Shiva went to Kankhal, Haridwar and ruined the Yagya and finally beheaded Daksha. Later on the request of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva replaced the head of goat to King Daksha. The vedic ages anecdote connected with the immolation of Sati also tells the stories of other religious places like Dakha Mandir, Kankhal, Haridwar, and Shakti peeths established in all over northern India where the parts of burnt body of Sati dropped, when Lord Shiva carried the remains of her body on his shoulder

Sudha Chandan Mahal #27

It is a main place for the handicrafts items. All the items are fully decorated and made up of the beads, pearls and shells.Here you can get the various items like the precious and semi precious stones of sandalwood and the tulsi chains.Rudrakshas are also sold here but during the peak tourist season the shopping is not much easy as it full of the people.

Rishikund #28

Rishikund is one of the famous places of Rishikesh and is a holy pond that is located near raghunath temple. as per the ancient believes and sayings, the pond is said to be built by the kubz saint and was blessed by the goddess yamuna who filled the pond with the sacred water. one of the enticing facts about the pond is it always reflects image of the raghunath temple and is devoted to lord ram and sita mata. rishikund has 10 steps from all the four sides and the water in the pond receives reflection of the neighboring trees.

Uppar Road #29

Shopping in Uppar road can be a memorable experience, as there are small shops that offer an array of products including wall paintings, garments, and wooden furniture among other things. There are emporiums selling handicraft items from Rajasthan, Kashmir and Tibet and you may also buy semi-precious gems and astrological gems.

Tera Manzil Temple #30

Tera Manzil Temple is very popular among the travellers as it is enshrined with idols of different Hindu gods and goddesses. The temple provides the visitors with a beautiful view of the sun set and the surrounding area from the top most floor of Tera Manzil Temple.Tera Manzil Temple is very popular among the travellers as it is enshrined with idols of different Hindu gods and goddesses.

Vashishta Gufa #31

Vashishta Gufa is a famous attraction famous for meditation. Located at the bank of River Ganga, this gufa is situated at a distance of 16 km from Rishikesh. It takes about an hour’s drive on the Rishikesh Badrinath Highway to reach Vashishta Gufa. For the adventure seeker, this place provides with camping facility.

Haridwar #32

Tera Manzil Temple is very popular among the travellers as it is enshrined with idols of different Hindu gods and goddesses. The temple provides the visitors with a beautiful view of the sun set and the surrounding area from the top most floor of Tera Manzil Temple.Tera Manzil Temple is very popular among the travellers as it is enshrined with idols of different Hindu gods and goddesses.

Shivpuri #33

Shivpuri is arranged 19 km far from Rishikesh, on the National Highway amongst Rishikesh and Patisira. As the name recommends, Shivpuri is the home of Lord Shiva and is famous for its sanctuary.

Trayambakeshwar Temple #34

Located near Laxman Jhula, Trayambakeshwar is one of important holy shrines in Rishikesh. The temple is a 13-storied building with different Hindu deities inside. Mainly the shrine is considered as the abode of Lord Shiva as the name Trayambakeshwar means the same, ‘The Abode Of Three-Eyed’. T

Paramarth Niketan #35

Parmarth Niketan is an ashram situated in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India. Parmarth Niketan is arranged in the lap of the lavish Himalayas, along the banks of the Ganges. The ashram was established in 1942 by Pujya Swami Shukdevanandji Maharaj (1901–1965). Since 1986, Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji Maharaj is the President and Spiritual Head of Parmarth Niketan.

Gita Bhavan #36

Gita Bhawan is an ashram situated in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India. Gita Bhawan is situated on the banks of the holy river Ganges, amidst the Himalayan mountains at Swargashram, Rishikesh. It comprises of a vast complex containing talk corridors and more than 1000 rooms accessible gratis for the stay of enthusiasts.

Kunjapuri Temple #37

There are two famous temples in the slopes around Rishikesh. Neelkanth Mahadev sanctuary and Kunjapuri temples. The Kunjapuri temples can be seen on the highest point of the slope from Rishikesh town. There are numerous nearby lovers, who begin their new year going to the sanctuaries to get the endowments of Goddess.

Paddle India #38

Here, you can pick from a scope of exercises – from white water rafting and trekking to energizing undertaking and day trip. Investigating the up to this point obscure and less frequented areas in the Himalayas would astonish travelers. It is the perfect place to discover inner strengths and weaknesses that enhance your capability of facing challenges in life.

Beatles Ashram Rishikesh #39

The Beatles were a standout amongst the most well known music groups in 1960's all through the world. Beatles went by Rishikesh in 1968 for contemplation. After this visit Rishikesh all of a sudden came in spotlight all through the world. Beatles came here to learn supernatural contemplation at Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Ashram.The Beatles initially met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in London (1967). 

Bhooma Niketan Temple #40

Bhooma niketan temple surrounded by beautiful fountain is devoted to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, in haridwar. The idols of lord hanuman, ram-janki-laxman and other hindu gods and goddesses bless the seekers in their godly ways. Electricity operated exhibitions are one of the main attractions of the temple. The Stories from hindu mythology are highlighted in these exhibitions.

Rajaji National Park #41

The Park has got the largest area representing Shiwalik Eco-system. The Shivalik trail is 10 million year old and very rich in fossils. It's fossils faunal remains include about 50 species of elephant, one of them is present today. The majestic Ganges flows through the National Park for a distance of 24km, besides the innumerable streams and brooks making it rich and diverse

Chilla Wildlife Sanctuary #42

Chilla Wildlife Sanctuary, located on the east bank of the River Ganges, sprawls over an area of 249 sq. km. Established in 1977, this sanctuary was however combined with the sanctuaries of Motichur and Rajaji in 1983 so as to create Rajaji National Park. Situated at a distance of 10 km from Haridwar, the wildlife residing in this sanctuary includes elephants, tigers, bears and small cats.

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