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Which is a better place to visit - Nainital, Mussoorie Ranikhet or Auli?

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NOVEMBER, 12, 2017

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Every place mentioned has its own advantages and finding the better place to visit out of Nainital, Ranikhet , Mussoorie or Auli entirely depends upon the following

1. Total Duration of trip

2. Travelling with Infants or Kids or not

3. Theme of your vacation- Adventure, Family

1. Duration of trip

If you have less than 4 days time than you can cover - Nainital & Ranikhet (both ) or either of Auli or Mussoorie (only one place)

If you have 1 week time than you can cover - Nainital , Ranikhet & Mussoorie. ( All three places )

If you have 1 week-10 days time than you can cover - Nainital , Ranikhet & Mussoorie& Auli ( All Places)

2. Travelling with Infants/ Kids

In case travelling with infants or kids opt out from Auli as route is long & tiring, nothing much in Auli for kids so you will not be enjoying much.

Suggested place in case travelling with Kids would be Nainital ( First Choice ) , Mussoorie ( Second Choice) , Ranikhet ( Third Choice)

3. Theme of your vacation- Adventure, Family

In case it is adventure trip nothing can beat Auli for vast adventure activities available there and you may find some decent adventure activities near Nainital and Mussoorie but not much in Ranikhet.

In case of family trip Nainital is unbeatable for varieties of choice for sightseeing,Places to eat, Boat Ride, Rope way and much more it has to offer and so is Ranikhet offering pristine clean environment and nature at its best with its Golf Ground. Mussoorie is also decent choice for family travel.

Best of Luck for your journey !