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Himachal Pradesh
Railway Stations


Himachal Pradesh , factually means “ abode of snow” is north-western state of India which offers tourists to explore the Himalayas and Shivalik hills with its colorful tribal culture, trekking  and beautiful valleys.

Himachal Pradesh has two rail tracks which are narrow gauge (2’6”broad). One is famous Kalka- Shimla railway track which has 96.54km length and opened for travel on November9, 1903.Thus this rail track is over a century old and joyful to ride for praising this engineering wonder of British India. This panoramic train crosses 864 bridges and passes through 102 tunnels. The Himachal Government has declared this Railway, a heritage property in 2007. Another proposed railway project in the state is Bilaspur to Leh via Mandi. It will be the highest railway track in world after completion.

Another rail track is in Kangara valley from Jogindernagar to Pathankot having roughly a length of 114km. Both these tracks are not commercially feasible but are being operated due to their heritage Importance.

Broad gauge track also exists in Himachal which connects Nagal dam of Punjab to Una of Himachal Pradesh. Una is also connected to Delhi by express trains.

Major Railway Stations

Kalka–Shimla Railway

The Shimla-Kalka Railway world heritage site is narrow gauge railway (762mm) in Himachal Pradesh passing generally through hilly route from Kalka to Shimla. This train route is famous for incredible views of surrounding villages and natural green hills of Himalaya.

Starting from Kalka, this route offers extraordinary and pictorial Himalayas from foot hills at Kalka to many significant points like Solan, Dharampur, Barog. Taradevi, Kandaghat,Totu, Salogra, Summer hills and Shimla at an altitude of about 7000 ft. All the midway stations, situated very near to bridges, were built for resting the construction labor. Now some of them have been abandoned.

Kangra Valley Railway Pathankot - Joginder Nagar

The famous and beautiful Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh equally attracts nature lovers, devotees and tourists. This valley has unique attraction for the religiously prone tourists cum devotees because it is the earthy abode of many significant Gods and Goddesses of Hindu faith. Owing to these reasons, the Pathankot- Jogindernagar railway route was introduced. This narrow gauge 130km long route takes 4 hours 30 minutes with two stoppages at Kangra and Jawala Mukhi road to complete journey.

This train rack is of four coaches namely first class, two chair cars and one second class. The first class and chair car coaches have every possible luxury with wide window glasses for enjoying scenic beauties en route. The train has carrying capacity of over 90passengers and is fitted with public address system for providing information’s about the historical and religious places in the valley and playing popular music. The charges are competitive and all inclusive.

Special Trains

Trains in Shimla Sector

Kalka, being last wide gauge station, is linked to Shimla by railway track of narrow gauge. Kalka, in Haryana, is well connected by railway heads of India like Kolkatta, Mumbai, Jodhpur and New-Delhi. Delhi-Kalka has Shatabdi Express links twice a day. These trains are suitably adjusted with Kalka to Shimla narrow gauge train’s timings.  Another important railway head is Ambala cantt., Which is connected to all key cities of India. Ambala cantt. is at a distance of 180km from Shimla and about 90 km from Kalka.

Trains in Kangra/Jogindernagar Sector

Dalhousie is head quarter of Dalai Lama, spiritual head of Tibetan Govt. in exile. Dalhousie / Dharamshala sector are connected to Pathankot and Chakki Benk, broad gauge stations, through a narrow gauge line. These two broad gauge stations are about 5km apart. The narrow gauge track is extended up to Jogindernagar via Nagrota Bagwan/ Kangra to reach Dharamshala. Interested Tourists can avail the train facilities to reach Dharamshala after acquiring railway tickets from Pathankot railway station. These narrow gauge trains are not offered on reservation system of Indian Railways’ for advance reservations.

Toy Trains

Pathankot to Jogindernagar and Kalka to Shimla are the two narrow gauge railway lines in Himachal Pradesh. The trains, run on these tracks, are very popular and out of affection, tourists call them” TOY TRAINS.” Tourists and others feel excited by seeing the scenic beauties of bridges and tunnels, landscapes of Himalayan hills, elevated railway tracks and beautiful valleys. While in the area, tourists must enjoy the journey of this magnificent train. ‘Rail Facts and Feats’ of Guinness Book accounts this Kalka-Shimla track as ‘The supreme narrow gauge achievement in India

# Code Station Name State Place

1 BOF -Barog Himachal Pradesh Barog
2 DMP -Dharmpur Hmchl Himachal Pradesh Dharmpur Hmchl
3 JTO -Jutogh Himachal Pradesh Jutogh
4 MTPR -Raimehatpur Himachal Pradesh Raimehatpur
5 SLR -Salogra Himachal Pradesh Salogra
6 SGS -Shoghi Himachal Pradesh Shoghi
7 SML -Simla Himachal Pradesh Simla
8 SOL -Solan Himachal Pradesh Solan
9 SHZ -Summer Hill Himachal Pradesh Summer Hill
10 TVI -Taradevi Himachal Pradesh Taradevi
11 UHL -Una Himachal Himachal Pradesh Una Himachal
12 KDZ -Kandaghat Himachal Pradesh Kandaghat
13 KEJ -Kathleeghat Himachal Pradesh Kathleeghat
14 KMTI -Kumarhatti Himachal Pradesh Kumarhatti
15 KANO -Kanoh Himachal Pradesh Kanoh