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  • We had a perfect honeymoon trip to Uttarakhand thanks to All Seasons! When we first started the planning process for the trip, agent Rahul had sent us a draft itinerary based on our general interests, time to spent, and probably the typical stops that a first time visitor to Uttarakhand would like to experience

    Vikrant Guptatraveler
  • Nitin did a superb job of organizing a fabulous family holiday for seven of us to celebrate special birthdays in April 2016. He paid amazing attention to detail especially as one of our group uses a wheelchair. Nitin was quick to respond to our original inquiry and quick to understand the type of holiday.

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  • Arun was our point of contact and we feel he did an outstanding, superb, wonderful job. My wife and I have made several trips with mixed experiences and were a little concerned about going on a fifteen days Himachal trip on our own. But we have to give Arun major props!!! All our transfers, tours and connections went exactly as scheduled

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Ranikhet Tourism-Travel Information guide |Feel more like a nomad than a tourist |

Ranikhet is a hill station and cantonment town in Almora district of Uttarakhand.Popular as Queen of Meadows owing to rich flora and fauna as there are no concrete jungles developing one can witness the clean well maintained roads, complete greenry,peace & tranquility prevaling which is landmark of army cants everwhere. It is the home for the Military Hospital, Kumaon Regiment (KRC) and Naga Regiment and is maintained by the Indian Army.Ranikhet is at an altitude of 1869 metres and within sight of the peaks of the Himalayas infront of eyes.

Ranikhet Travel Information:

  • Prepare a pervasive itienary so that you cannot miss any of the fun spots in Nainital,give maximum time for your activities, also avoid carrying too much cash, Ranikhet has many of the ATMs.
  • Driving in the hills needs some expertise because of sharp turns and rocky edges , make sure you brush up your driving skills.
  • Your booking should be well confirmed in advance especially in the months of May & June due to heavy rush, call your hotel before you get there to make sure all the arrangements are done there flawlessly.
  • Ranikhet has some of its rules owing to Army Cantonment so be a responsible traveller and don't break any of rules and make sure that you are not destroying the raw beauty of Ranikhet.
  • Ranikhet city has some of its rules so be a responsible traveller and don't break any of rules and make sure that you are not destroying the raw beauty of Ranikhet.
  • Mall road is a strict no parking zone during the summer seasons so if you are staying in Mall Road Hotel , make sure to park your vehicles in Parking Spaces only to avoid vehicle being towed away by Traffic Police frequently..
  • Mall Road attracts a Entry fees for all vehicles of INR 20 & INR 50 on every entry.
  • Mall Road hotels though offering lake views yet become extremly expensive during summers in respect of facilities they offer.
  • Mall Road attracts a Entry fees for all vehicles of INR 50 & INR 100 after 4Pm on every entry.
  • For suitable accomodations at reasonable rates look to stay in nearby areas of Majkhali,Chilanaula. These places are equally beautiful yet offers accomodations at reasonable rates..
  • Do not forget to visit the Hat Kalika Temple & K.R Museum.
  • Do carry light woolens during your trip to Ranikhet as weather changes very quickly and a liitle rainfall make the temperature to freezing.
  • Do not forget to visit the Ghorakhal Temple & Kainchi Ashram. Both are tranquil places for the peace lovers.
  • Do carry light woolens during your trip to Ranikhet as weather changes very quickly and a liitle rainfall make the temperature to freezing.
  • Road to Ranikhet is hilly terrain-after Kathgodam, during driving never overtake on the hilly curves.
  • Do not drive at night as in case of any breakdown it is hard to get any assistance nearby.
  • During Winters do not drive before sunrise as due to frost the roads becomes extremly slippery not suitable to drive.
  • Always hire the cab with the Yellow No Plate ( Taxi No ) as there are repeated cases of muggings with tourists done by the non-regsiered vehicles drivers
  • Last and the most important tip for any traveller, tourist is to enjoy as much as you can explore, discover the beauty of Ranikhet till the hilt.
  • So grab a traveller”s bag, and set out to both explore the "RAW Ranikhet"

All Seasons group has grown into a travel,tourism empire offering a multitude of services in Ranikhet Tourism, Uttarakhand since last 20 years.

Why Visit Ranikhet Hill Station?

Ideally located , Ranikhet earned its reputation of becoming one of the top places to visit in Uttarakhand owing to peace, tranquility and serenity, lush green jungles, Himalayan Views, Well Maintained clean place owing to maintenance to Indian Army and famous tourist spots like - Golf Ground, Chaubatia Garden, Haidakhan Ashram. Ideal place to spend 1 Night or 2 Night on your trip and can enjoy the closeness to nature. Other must see places to visit around Ranikhet are Chilanaula, Binsar Mahadev Temple, Bhalu Dam.

Ranikhet offers meditation,yoga, adventurious activities- leisure stroll on famous Mall Road surrounded by lush green forest and very clean,meditation on Haidakhan Ashram ,Viewing the sports & Cultural activites in Army Ground ( The Sports ground ),Adventurous trek amidst nature in Binsar Mahadev Temple, are some of the major tourism attractions.It providies activities for all travellers looking for adventure, peace & tranquility, shopping, food and restaurants-Ranikhet tourism has much to offer for all.

What's Good?

  • Peaceful location.Scenic and Very beautiful.

What's not so Good?

  • Crowded during peak season. Narrow roads leading to traffic jams.

Ranikhet Travel Guide-Must See Places

Gently enveloped amidst dense pine and deodar forest, with a majestic background of Himalayas,Ranikhetindeed has a breath-taking and pristine charm. The tranquility and beauty of this place is unmatched and unscathed. Away from the hustle-bustle of popular hill stations in India, this is a perfect destination for those who are looking for a calm and peaceful holiday. Amongst the beautiful scenic vista of Ranikhet lie some beautiful places and scared temples that are worth visiting. From the ancient temples to nascent built orchards and parks, Ranikhet offers a journey that starts from glorious history and ends up bringing you to an era of development and technological advancement.

InRanikhet Sightseeing Placesfor tourist attractions are many but the FamousRanikhet AttractionsAre-Chaubatia Gardens,Upat KalikaTemple,Golf Course,Jhula Devi Temple,Binsar Mahadev,Bhalu Dam,KRC Museum,Mankameshwar Templeto name the few.Majorly the tourism activities in Ranikhet include .To know about the must seetourist places in Ranikhet.

Must see places in Ranikhet

Chaubatia Gardens


Upat Kalika Temple


Golf Course Ranikhet


Haidakhan Temple


Jhula Devi Temple


Binsar Mahadev


Katarmal Ranikhet


Bhalu Dam Ranikhet


Krc Museum Ranikhet


Mankameshwar Temple


Activities in Ranikhet

  • Golfing: Ranikhet is renowned for having one of the best slope golf courses (9-hole) in the nation and is found 5 kms from the town of Ranikhet. It is an armed force fairway, yet regular citizens can likewise get to it paying a nominal charge. Sightseers and amateur golfers attempt to idealize their golf swing and putt.
  • Fishing: Bhalu Dam, which is arranged couple of kilometers from Chaubatia, is a perfect place for fishermen to get a few fishes. Though, one needs to take permissin from the Chief Wildlife Warden.
  • Trekking/Hiking: There are couple of prominent trekking trails in Ranikhet that one can investigate with family and companions. Trek from Chaubatia Orchards to Holm Farm is very prominent among vacationers. Others incorporate trails from Chaubatia to Bhalu Dam, Ranikhet Club to Chevron Rosemount, Meghdoot to Jhula Devi Temple, and Chaubatia to Bhalu Dam.

Events / Festivals in Ranikhet

There are different occasions and celebrations in Ranikhet that are commended by individuals and some of them are Nanda Devi mela, Dwarahat mela, Nav Ratri, Shayaldeh mela and Hairakhan. These occasions at the place come in various months and time that make the climate charming and astounding. Amid the time of summer and autumn, vacationers love to have a ton of fun with their family and friends.

  • Nanda Devi Mela: It is a popular mela in this district and individuals commend it in an awesome soul. In this celebration, number of individuals carry the dola of Nada Devi.
  • Dwarahat Mela: It is another prominent celebration which is commended with incredible enthusiasm and bliss by the neighborhood individuals. You will discover the mela full of colours

Ranikhet Tourism Packages

Finding the bestRanikhet holiday packagesfor vacation will help you to plan your trip to Ranikhet more efficiently. You can check allseasonsz.com in order to have a look at some exciting Ranikhethotels packagesThese holiday packages for Ranikhet are designed by keeping in mind everyone¬preferences. With a good Ranikhet tour package, you will be able to experience a lot more things in a shorter period of time and at good rates. Versatile Ranikhettravel packagesare available here, so that you can have the package that is barely right for you.

Ranikhet Best time to visit-Weather/Climate

Ranikhet has very pleasant climate. Summers temperature in Ranikhet range from 22 °C max to 8 °C min while in winters temperature range from 7 °C max to 3 °C min.
Season Months Average Temperature
Summer April to June 8°C to 22 °C
Monsoon October to March 5°C to 20°C
Winter July to September 3°C to 7 °C

Ranikhet 2 Days Itinerary

Ranikhet can be investigated in 1 or 2 days, however it will be good if you spend at least 2 days here.

  • Day 1-On the Ist day, you can begin early and visit the Wildrift Paragliding camp which is 12 km from the city. You can appreciate lunch at the camp and visit the Upat golf course in transit back. The climate is extremely wonderful and you can travel throughout the day without feeling tired. During the evening you can shop at the nearby market for wooden things, sketches and adornments.
  • Day 2-You can begin your second day by going by the Chaubatia Gardens. From here you can trek till the Bhalu Dam and attempt your hand at angling. You can eat at the Rani Jheel or Ashiyana Park which are pined for outing spots. After lunch, you can visit the Jhula Devi Temple, and appreciate the nightfall at Majkhali overlooking the Himalayan pinnacles. Ranikhet is to a great degree pleasant and is a treat to the eyes.

Ranikhet Reviews - Guest Reviews about Ranikhet

Ranikhet tourism

Dinesh Chaudhry

DEC, 20, 2016

Great place. It is must visit place.

Great place. It is must visit place.Visiting Chaubatia Gardens, Religous Temples like Binsar Mahadev, Jhula Devi Temple, Haidakhan Babaji Temple was very unwinding. On the top of that visit to Ranikhet Golf Course was a amazing experience, the golf course  is one of the highest golf courses of Asia, located 5 kilometres ( 3 mi) from main Ranikhet City. Ranikhet Golf Course is a 9-hole course making it one of the prime attractions of Ranikhet.
Ranikhet tourism

Santosh Mishra

JAN, 20, 2017

Another Beautiful Spot in Uttarakhand.

Again another beautiful tourist spot in Uttarakhand yet not much popular like Mussoorie or Nanital but slowly this place showing it's beauty all around the world. Its a cantt area there for you will see a cleanlyness and feel safe here. Hotels are not much expencive to afford free hotels are on good locations gives you a beautiful view of nature, one can find true peace here.
Ranikhet tourism

Ashutosh Chandola

FEB, 4, 2017

A Hidden Gem of Uttarakhand

Ranikhet is one of the hidden gems of Uttarakhand. More than 350 kms away from Delhi, this hill station is a perfect escape from scorching summer heat. Ranikhet is not as popular as other tourist places like Nainital, Mussoorie but it is slowly developing and attracting many tourist every year. This beautiful little town has slowly started to register itself on the tourist map.

Ranikhet -Queen's Meadow

Hotels In ranikhet (Area-Wise)

Activities In ranikhet

Places In Around Ranikhet

Upat Kalika TempleUpat is Situated just 5 km Away From Ranikhet.It is Famous For the Panoramic View Of Surrounding Snow Capped Himalayan Peack.,Golf Course- Ranikhet Golf Course is one of the Highest Golf Course of Asia.Hadakhan Temple-This temple Situated 4 km From Ranikhet.,Jhula Devi Temple jhula devi temple built in the 8th century,and dedicated to Goodess Durga .Binsar Mahadev- The artistic Structure of the binsar Mahadev Temple and its deity Lord Shiva Both Adds Positive Vibes to our Mind and soul.Bhalu Dam- It is an artificial Small lake blessed with natural beauteousness ,panoramic views of the Himalayan mountains and placid surroundings .KRC Museum-Museum was established in the 1970s,this regiment museum Show case the history of kumaon and garwal regiment .Mankameshwar Temple-Mankaneshwar Temple was built by Indian Army Kumaon Regimental Centre,in 1978.

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Ranikhet for the likings of all age groups which makes the place as ideal holiday destination.Ranikhet also provides travellers the luxury of exploring the real Himalayas as one can find lots of places to visit in Ranikhet and around which offers the majestic views of Himalayan peaks during the visit across untouched nature that this serene place has to offer on your Ranikhet Holidays.

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