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What are the famous places to eat in Ranikhet ?

25 reviews

Chevron Rosemount

The in-house restaurant of Chevron Rosemount, this one is a pure delight for foodies with its extensive menu and impeccable client service. The setting is so pretty with old world charm and dim lighting and you will love the sprawling views from your restaurant window.

25 reviews

The Tea Lounge

Head to this swanky place to enjoy your favourite tea with mouth-watering snacks including freshly prepared sandwiches and cookies. The menu here has a world of options when it come to delicious snacks, so just grab a chair, walk through your favourite book and enjoy the colonial settings at The Tea Lounge.

25 reviews

Queens Court

A lovely place to enjoy a range of cuisines while you soak up the scenic beauty outside, Queens Court is the in-house restaurant of Ranikhet Club in the hill station. The restaurant is nicely done with teak panelling, wooden floors and grand chandeliers along with comfortable seating arrangement

25 reviews

Oak Garden

enjoy the magnificent views of the sun setting over the West valley. Sit around a roaring bonfire, while roasted chestnuts and a mouth watering barbecue is served in the fresh mountain air. The Oak Garden at West View Hotel Ranikhet is a must-have experience for food lovers

25 reviews

Mayur Restaurant

Another local restaurant of Ranikhet! Food quality is good and all Indian traditional foods, like – rice, dal, chapatti, etc. are available. One can get both vegetarian and non-vegetarian thali or meal over here. The restaurant is situated at the heart of Ranikhet, thus easily accessible.

25 reviews

West View Restaurant

The location of the restaurant is the prime part of it. It is almost situated at the heart of Ranikhet. The restaurant has some local dishes to serve, which are delicious and should tasted. However, if you do not want local delicacy, want to stick to the Indian traditional, then the restaurant can also serve you high quality foods 


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