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    Kirti Saxena
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Kausani Tourism-Why Kausani is Known as a Mini Switzerland ?

Kausani is quaint hill station worlwide known for its beautiful landscapes, lush green forest, peace and tranquilty it offers and most important is the spectacular 300 km-wide comprehensive glimpse of Himalayan peaks- Trisul, Nanda Devi and Panchchuli.Kausani situated at 56 Kms north of Almora and ,53 Kms from Ranikhet, 125 Kms from Nainital and 146 Kms from Jim Corbett Nainital Park. Kausani can be the perfect halting destination for Munsiyari tour which is 92 Kms from Kausani.
Kausani tourism with its gifted location offers marvelous views of pine trees amidst Someshwar valley side that cannot be left unrecognized.Other side views of Garur and Baijnath/Katyuri valley leaves you stunned with the beauty here mother nature has bestowed. That is why Kausani Hill Station known Mini Switzerland,as termed by Mahatma Gandhi due to its similarity in landscape.

What's Great?

Climate is lovely all round the year. The place isn't excessively crowded , as it is not gone by an excessive number of voyagers. There are many spots to visit adjacent Kausani.

What's not so Great?

Does not have its own airplane terminal and railroad station, which makes it somewhat hard to get to. The vehicle for voyaging locally isn't well developed.

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Kausani Weekend Destinations

Ideally located , Kausani earned its reputation of becoming one of the top places to visit in Uttarakhand owing to peace, tranquility and serenity, lush green jungles, Himalayan Views, Sunrise and Sun-set points and famous tourist spots like- Anashakti Ashram,Lakshmi Ashram, Tea Gardens,Suitra Nandan Pant Museum. Ideal place to spend 2 Nights or 3 Nights on your trip and can enjoy the closeness to nature. Other must see places to visit around Kausani are Bageshwar,Baijnath Temple,Pindari Glacier - a trekking paradise.

Kausani offers recharging of body and soul owing to closeness with nature , adventurious activities- leisure stroll on famous Mall Road surrounded by lush green forest ,Anashakti Ashram ,Viewing the famous sunrise and sunset points,Adventurous trek amidst nature in Pindari Glacier, are some of the major tourism attractions.It providies activities for all travellers looking for adventure, peace & tranquility, shopping, food and restaurants-Kausani tourism has much to offer for all.

Kausani Travel Information - Major Keypoints To Be Considered Before Travelling

  • Kausani is a nature paradise, tranquil and serene place so if you are looking for lonely and peaceful vacation this is the perfect gateway.
  • Always remember to carry light woolens during your trip to Kausani as weather changes very rapidly and a scanty rainfall too can lower the temperature to freezing.
  • Road to Kausani is hilly terrain- during driving never overtake on the hilly curves.
  • Do not drive at night as in case of any breakdown it is hard to get any assistance nearby.
  • During Winters do not drive before sunrise as due to frost the roads becomes extremly slippery not suitable to drive.
  • Do not miss the chance to visit the sunrise and sunset in Kausani as it is the mesmerizing attraction that you can ever witness
  • Do visit the famous Bagnath temple and nearby tourist place of Ranikhet(50 Kms ) and Binsar (55 Kms ).
  • Always hire cab with Yellow No Plate ( Taxi No ) as there are repeated cases of muggings with tourists done by the non-regsiered vehicles drivers.
  • Kausani is approx 12 hrs drive from New Delhi - 425 Kms so start early as to cover the hill terrain before the dark.
  • Always Book the Himalayan Facing rooms in your hotel even if cost a bit more as watching the Himalayas from your room at evening and morning is a worth lifetime memory..

Allseasonsz.com-Uttarakhand Largest Online Travel Company has grown into a travel,tourism empire offering a multitude of services in Kausani Tourism, Uttarakhand since last 20 years.

Kausani Tourism

Decorated with all the correct fixings including lavish green valley, verdant pine tree woodlands, wandering streams, peacefulness and grand Himalayan pinnacles, Kausani is a standout amongst the most enchanting slope stations in Uttarakhand.
Nanda Devi, Trishul and Panchachuli are the three pinnacles which make for an unmistakable view from Kausani. Earlier known as Valna, this place is honored with numerous attractions and a sight of dusk so charming, that it is certain to abandon you totally captivated. An ideal getaway for honeymooners, nature darlings and excursion creators, this lovely place offers a picture perfect perspective of snow clad Himalayas extended crosswise over 350 kms.

Why Visit Kausani?

Displaying the normal excellence of the high slopes, the foaming streams and the frigid Himalayas, the small village of Kausani is genuinely a 'nature mate's heaven'. Here, the day unfolds with the pleasant chirpings of the fun loving winged animals and closures with the sweet children's song of the tender winds. Kausani is situated in the closeness of Delhi making it as a perfect end of the week goal and is rising as a honeymooner's delight too. The couples can take part in a few recreational exercises here, for example, birding, photography, town strolls or go for a courageous climbing to Rudrahari Cave temple.Some of the mainstream vacation destinations of Kausani are the Ananshakti Ashram, Sumitra Nandan Pant Museum, and the Lakshmi Ashram. For most profound sense of being, one can visit the Baijnath sanctuary, Someshwar sanctuary and Bageshwar sanctuary situated in the region of Kausani. On your visit, remember to purchase the nearby handiwork things, for example, the Kausani shawls made in the Kausani Shawl Factory.

For Whom?

  • Individuals searching for romantic getaways and nature admirer. A decent weekend getaway from the adjacent cities.

Activities in Kausani

  • Museum Visit: Kausani is well known for an exhibition halls devoted to Mahatma Gandhi in Anashakti Ashram and home-turned-gallery of Famous Poet Sumitranandan Pant. These historical centers exhibit individual work, things and other memorabilia for people view.
  • Nature Walk: Kausani is concealed in lavish greenery that makes it an ideal place to investigate the lovely surroundings with family and companions. You can likewise appreciate the all encompassing perspective of the Himalayan pinnacles of Trishul, Nanda Ghunti and Nanda Devi from the vantage of Kausani.
  • Shopping in Kausani:- There is a little neighborhood advertise in Kausani. You won't discover enormous brands or shops. Yet, you can purchase Kausani Shawls hand made by villagers in Kausani Shawl processing plant. You can likewise purchase tea of Kausani from Kausani Tea Estate. One can likewise purchase crafted works, pickles, jellies, jams and woolens from Kausani.
  • Village Tourism: Kausani not just offers beautiful perspectives of the snow clad Himalayas and adequate characteristic magnificence but at the same time is known to empower and advance town tourism in the district. Travelers can take in an incredible arrangement about the country life, workmanship, culture and legacy that plague the Himalayan areas. Kausani has been transformed into an eco-accommodating goal for sightseers to learn and investigate about the way of life and provincial yet enchanting lifestyle in the slopes of Uttarakhand. Not just ecotourism is a managing method for voyaging additionally makes an everlasting bond amongst man and nature.

Kausani is Famous For

Kausani is popular among vacationer as Hill Station and Peaceful Surroundings.Kausani is prescribed goal for Couples, Family and Kids, Foreigners, Solo.Kausani is well known goal for following exercises/interests - Christmas and New Year,Hill Station,Honeymoon Destination,Leisure,Weekend Getaway

Kausani Sightseeing

Kausani amidst beautiful pine, oak and deodar forests, and providing an enchanting view of the mystic Himalayas, is must visit on a trip of Uttarakhand. The fresh, non-polluted air from the serene and unscathed atmosphere of Kausani is enough to refresh your body and soul from the hullabaloo of polluted cities. The pleasing temperature of the hill resort gives you a heavenly feel, away from the dry scorching heat of the plains. The temperature of Kausani varies between 25°C to 2°C throughout the year. April to June and September to November are the best months to visit Kausani, as during this time, the flora is in full bloom and temperature is extremely pleasing.

Kausani Travel Guide : Tourist places in Kausani

Kausani Local Sightseeing Attractions are not too many as Kausani is meant for tourists who want to enjoy the peace, tranquilty, beauty and serenity of mother nature. Loacted at altitude of 1902 meters in the Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand. Kausani is renowned for its scenic splendor and the spectacular, 305-km panoramic uninterupted view of the majestic Himalayas just in front of your eyes so that you can feel it is at touching distance. Major Kausani Attractions are-

  • Anashakti Ashram :Singular place where Mahatama Gandhi spent a few days of his life and wrote his commentary on Anashkti Yog
  • Pant Museum:The birth place of renowned Hindi-Poet Sumitra Nandan Pant with rare collection his books dispalyed here.
  • Lakshmi Ashram : Established in 1964, by a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi namely Catherine Hillman who later became famous as Sarlaben. The ashram carries the social activities for progress of Kumaoni women, assisting them become self-dependent. In the ashram, the women learns several skills, like growing vegetables, cooking, caring for the animals and cleaning.
  • Tea Garden :Loacted at 5 kms from Kausani is Giria Uttaranchal Tea Estate first of its kind at altitude of 1250 to 1800 m above sea level.The tea garden of Kausani is being developed as a tea-base for the entire Uttarakhand state. The tea produced here is rich in flavor and of export quality.
  • Adventure tourist from all places of India , foriegn coutries comes in large numbers every year for Pindari Glaciar Treak,Kafni Glaciar Treck ,to name the few.

Must see places in Kausani

Anashakti Ashram

Anashakti Ashram

 Lakshmi Ashram

Lakshmi Ashram

 Pindari Galcier

Pindari Glacier

Kafni Glacier

Kafni Glacier

Rudradhari Falls

Rudradhari Falls

Sumitranandan Pant Gallery

Sumitranandan pant gallery

Baijnath Temple

Baijnath Temple


Kausani Holiday Packages

Finding the best Kausani holiday packages  for vacation will help you to plan your trip to Kausani more efficiently. You can check allseasonsz.com in order to have a look at some exciting Kausani hotels packages These holiday packages for Kausani are designed by keeping in mind everyone-preferences. With a good Kausani tour package, you will be able to experience a lot more things in a shorter period of time and at good rates. Versatile Kausani travel packagesare available here, so that you can have the package that is barely right for you.

Kausani Best time to visit-Weather / Climate

Kausani has a very pleasant climate. Summers temperature in Kausani range from 25 °C max to 12 °C min while in winters temperature range from 10 °C max to -3 °C min.

How to Reach Kausani?

A small distance chart for all the major locations situated around Kausani. Distances of Ranikhet from Kathgodam/Pantnagar/Nainital/Jim Corbett/Ranikhet/Munsiyar.

From Distance
Kathgodam Railway Stations to Kausani 152 Kms
Pantnagar Airport to Kausani 180 Kms
Nainital to Kausani 125 Kms
Jim Corbett National Park to Kausani 145 Kms
Kausani to Ranikhet 55 Kms
Almora to Kausani 54 Kms
Binsar to Kausani 72 Kms
Munsiyari to Kausani 94 Kms

Local Food and Restaurants in Kausani

  • Kausani is a little slope station where inns and its eateries serve sustenance in numerous foods including continental, Indian, Chinese and a few Kumaoni dishes also. In any case, significant eateries are missing outside the inns. One will discover few dhabas and roadside diners offering scrumptious nourishment.

One Day Itinerary

One has an a lot of choices for touring and journey for a one day itinerary. An early morning minute spent under the mystical spell of nature and the lessons of Father of our Nation, Gandhiji. Only a kilometer far from Anashakti Ashram and a historical center lays the Lakshmi Ashram, an instructive organization begun by the follower of Gandhiji. A generous breakfast at the lodging and you are at the end of the day prepared to investigate the concealed puzzles of this stunning town. Start your excursion with the serenity of Baijnath Temple that will fill your heart with joy. Later you can either visit Pinnath, a place favored with crude nature and a sanctuary or investigate a tea cultivate with a definite clarification of the tea generation. In the event that despite everything you have time left, go for Rudradhari falls and gives in. Be that as it may, bear in mind to break for lunch. With a generous supper at the lodging, end your mind boggling trip.

The all encompassing perspective of the Majestic Himalayas

Kausani, an unspoken slope town of Uttarakhand, lies 53 km far from Almora and 65 km from Kathgodam. It is best known for its strange perspective of the colossal Himalayan extents bragging the snow-hung pinnacles of Trishul and Nanda Devi. A crisp breeze of peace streams among the marvelous slopes of Garhwal Himalayas that are totally shrouded in the vegetation of Deodar and Pines.

Kausani Reviews - Guest Reviews about Kausani

Kausani is magnificent Hill station located in Uttarakhand, It is one of the most famous tourist place for tourists seeking nature, adventure, night life, shopping, religious temples and monuments. Find the details in Kausani Tourism - Kausani Reviews, how to reach Kausani, best time to visit Kausani and much more below...

Kausani tourism

Sunil Gupta

DEC, 20, 2016

A Good Decision, a beautiful hill station.

It was a good decision of mine to go their in the month of October. We enjoyed the cool weather, bird chirping and many other things there. It was good to experience the clouds touching the face in the morning when you yawn in the gallery of hotel's room. Though we missed main attractions like Anashakti Ashram and Pant Gallery, we suggest you guys to plan your trip carefully.
Kausani tourism

Bhuvnesh Kumar

FEB, 14, 2017

Most Beautiful Place on Earth

Kausani is a most beautiful place on earth which is located in Bageshwar, Uttarakhand. People call this place The mirror of himalaya because when you see the himalaya from kausani it seems like a white milky mirror.This place has got lots of tea gardens which are a agricultural part of north india. This place is full of tourist in all season of the year. There are very nice hills, orchards, and now the interesting thing there are lots of herbal laboratory by which the interest of outsiders has grown much.
Kausani tourism

Pankaj Singh

April, 02, 2017

Beautiful views of Himalayas

If u want to experience the majestic views of himalayas and white peak so come to Kausani. the Picturesque view of mountain make you fall in love with this wonderful place. The morning and the evenving walk over the road make you feel calm and refreshing, the peace of the place give u internal pleasure.The one can come this place any time round the year this place adjust it's beautiful accordingly to the Season.

Kausani -“Switzerland of India”

Hotels In kausani (Area-Wise)

Activities in kausani

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Kausani Attractions
Pawan & Aakansha

27 Aug 2022

We had a lovely holiday !!

We had a splendid time - perfect balance between relaxation and activity. Our personal manager was in touch with us whole time to make sure everything was perfect and it was. We had a lovely holiday.


Aug 2022

Thank you very much for your review Pawan & Aakansha. We appreciate your candid feedback to help us to build on areas where we are doing well and work on those which need to be improved.Thank you again and we hope you are traveling again soon with us with enhanced services.

exploring beautiful sights and free time !!

The itinerary is very well designed with a perfect balance of exploring beautiful sights and free time. We loved the sights that are included in the trip as well as the accommodations. They are truly serene! I highly recommend this trip.


Aug 2022

Thank you very much for your review Jeevika & Aakash Jain.We appreciate your candid feedback to help us to build on areas where we are doing well and work on those which need to be improved.Thank you again and we hope you are traveling again soon with us with enhanced services.

Tejas Prakash & Vidya

23 August 2022

We really enjoyed our holidays !!

All Seasonsz team is absolutely amazing for anyone to plan their trip to Munsiyari. We really enjoyed our holidays with them - the guides are good, the itinerary is well thought out and hotels are great located. Especially I liked the Jageshwar day tour with our guide. He did his job perfectly. Wish we had more time to stay in Chaukori and Lohaghat.

Kabir & Eshika

21 Aug 2022

Trip was really good!!

Our group leaders Lalit and Yash were great very inclusive and very informative. Made the group feel at home and helped us all get along. The Uttarakhand trip was really good filed with fun activities and great experiences. I had a great time with the group and will be back for future trips.


Aug 2022

Thank you very much for your review Kabir & Eshika .We appreciate your candid feedback to help us to build on areas where we are doing well and work on those which need to be improved.Thank you again and we hope you are traveling again soon with us with enhanced services.

We will definitely recommend you, guys !!

We would like to thank the entire team of your company for organizing our holiday trip to Uttarakhand. Really guys everything was promptly and professionally - both at the stage of choosing the holiday package, planning the trip details, as well as during our stay on the hill state. Congrats to Kamal and Neha for their great job, also guides Aveneet! We will definitely recommend you, guys! Hope to see you again, who knows it ! Cheers;)


Aug 2022

Thank you very much for your review Divyanka Tripati & Vivek Dahiya.We appreciate your candid feedback to help us to build on areas where we are doing well and work on those which need to be improved.Thank you again and we hope you are traveling again soon with us with enhanced services.

Best holiday !!

The tour company helped me plan my vacation the best way i could have imagined. The people are there to help you plan your trip,( Thanks Krishna). Your are in contact with your guide all the time from the planning till after the trip. Even when we had sudden changes to the trip we were able do it without hassle. These guys know their place better and the secrets. They will do their best to make your trip amazing. Thanks Krishna and Ashu.


Aug 2022

Thank you very much for your review Kabir & Eshika.We appreciate your candid feedback to help us to build on areas where we are doing well and work on those which need to be improved.Thank you again and we hope you are traveling again soon with us with enhanced services.

Aarti Sahu & Anuj Sahu

17 August 2022

Definitely recommend booking !!

We wanted to take our kids on holiday to Uttarakhand this year (first time) but we had very little time to do research on things to do and make a planning for day-to-day activities and good family accommodation. The tour company came through for us. The people were so kind and helpful, coming up with ideas for family activities and quality family resorts with kids activities and kids clubs. Our children couldn't be happier and neither could we. For a hassle-free family holiday, I can definitely recommend booking your stay with this agency.


Aug 2022

Thank you very much for your review Aarti Sahu & Anuj Sahu. We appreciate your candid feedback to help us to build on areas where we are doing well and work on those which need to be improved.Thank you again and we hope you are traveling again soon with us with enhanced services.