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Kaza Adventure Activities

Langza-Hikkim-Comic circuit passes through a virtual fortune trove of fossils, the most noteworthy town at 4460m and most noteworthy religious community at 4560m individually. The scene as saw from these towns is exciting and moving. The grandiose tops can be seen from here in their full wonderfulness. The Chocling La Peak (6510 Mts) is noticeable plainly like a Shivalingam from these towns.

Kaza Adventure Activities

Kaza Ki Kibber Gete Kaza

One of the shorter, however hugely intriguing, treks in the region of Kaza. Every one of the three spots on the course Ki, Gete and Kibber-lie toward the north of Kaza, with Ki being an insignificant 11 km from Kaza.

Kaza Adventure Activities

Kaza Langza Hikim Comic Kaza

Start the trek from Kaza, the regulatory focus of the Spiti Valley-and about the main spot in the area which offers a determination, albeit constrained, of settlement and feasting offices. From Kaza, head for Langza, at a separation of eight and a half km.

Kaza Adventure Activities

Kaza Losar Kunzum La

A westbound trek from Kaza, the endeavor to Kunzum La can be an exceptionally compensating one, particularly as it goes through some of Spiti's most picturesque ranges. Traveling west from Kaza, go towards Losar, the last town in Spiti-past it lies the Lahaul Valley.

Kaza Adventure Activities

Kaza Tabo Sumdo Nako

From Kaza, travel east along the Spiti waterway to Tabo, 47 km from Kaza. Tabo is one of Spiti's biggest settlements and the site of an unmistakable Buddhist religious community. The Tabo gompa, which is more than a thousand years of age, has a fine accumulation of invaluable old thangkas and religious compositions which merit seeing.

Kaza Adventure Activities

Yak Safari

The most energizing of all experience exercises in Spiti is the Yak safari. You can procure the Yak to see the widely varied vegetation of trans-Himalayan desert. It is, truth be told, the lifetime opportunity that you won't discover anyplace else so effectively. Aside from this, steed safaris are additionally led around there.


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