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Bijli Mahadev

The Bijli Mahadev Temple is a standout amongst the most popular sanctuaries of Himachal committed to the prime god Lord Shiva. The sanctuary is situated at the site that totally duplicates the magnificence and distinction of the sanctuary. The sanctuary gives an excellent perspective of the Kullu and Parvati valleys and it would seem that one is remaining large and in charge beside God. The 60 feet high tower like structure with a banner amidst the sanctuary touches the sky and shows up as though puncturing through it. This structure sparkles in the sun and it is trusted that the sanctuary looks for its favors from the God through this through helping and this how the sanctuary gets its name Bijli (which means lightning). The passageway of the sanctuary has a statue of Nandi (a bull that was Lord Shiva's vehicle). It is trusted that Nandi protects the sanctuary. Hoisted at a stature of 2450 meters it is implicit the Kash style and is exceptionally hallowed to local people. They trust that looking for gifts from this sanctuary brings downpour and great yield. The celebration of Maha Shivratri is commended excellently here. A large number of lovers accumulate in the sanctuary to offer supplications and take Prasad. A little parade is conveyed with the icon of the God on a chariot. A reasonable is likewise sorted out in the sanctuary which is gone to by several lovers. The principle sanctuary is a 3 km stroll up slope and the pine trees in transit make the trip extremely lovely.

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