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Dhauladhar Nature Park in Palampur

A noteworthy fascination for untamed life lovers, the recreation center is arranged at a separation of 13 km from Palampur. Otherwise called the Gopalpur Zoo, this unpredictable houses an assortment of fauna in a smaller than normal zoo including panthers, wild bears, red fox and different assortments of deer, alongside Asiatic lion, angora, rabbits and sambhar. Set up by the natural life division of Himachal Pradesh Government, the complex extends over a zone of 30 sections of land. The best time to visit this spot is from April to June in summers and from November to February in winters. Abstain from going amid rainstorm months as the region is inclined to landslides.The park is around 13 km from far from Palampur and is effectively open by the accessible nearby method for transport.

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