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Kinnaur Tourism / Must See Places

Kinnaur is one of twelve administrative districts in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, India. The district is divided into three administrative areas – Pooh, Kalpa, and Nichar – and has five tehsils (counties). The administrative headquarters of Kinnaur district is at Reckong Peo. From here Kinnaur Kailash, considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva, can be viewed. As of 2011 it is the second least populous district of Himachal Pradesh (out of 12), after Lahaul and Spiti, but there are nine vital languages are spoken in the district.As the region was inaccessible, there used to be very little interaction with people from the plains and, therefore, the ancient Hindu texts considered mystical Kinnars as halfway between humans and gods!

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Kinnaur Sightseeing Attractions /Tourist Places to visit

Kinnaur Attractions places are many but some Imoportants Tourist Places are -Nako is a small and beautiful hamlet that is situated at a distance of about 2 km from the Hangrang Valley. Nako Lake is considered as the main attraction of the region which remains covered with snow for most part of the year.Situated at an altitude of 3591m above sea level, Moorang is famous for its spectacular view and orchards of apricot. The village has an old fort in which there are few temples dedicated to different goddesses.Rakchham-Chhitkul Sanctuary is home to the diverse variety of flora and fauna. Various types of animals like the snow leopard, blue sheep, Himalayan black bear, musk deer and goral are found in the region. Rakchham and Chhitkul are separated with a distance of about 15 km from each other.Pooh is also known as 'Spuwa' is famous for the apricot, almond and orchards of grapes. Located at a distance of about 58km from Powari on the National Highway, the lush greenery of the region can attract anybody attention.

Kinnaur Climate/Best time to visit:-

Kinnaur summers are very pleasant and winters are freezing cold. Summers temperature in Kinnaur range from 25 C max to 14 C min while in winters temperature range from 13 C max to -5 C min.

Kinnaur Tour Packages

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Events / Festivals in Kinnaur

Sazo: During the month of January, Sazo is celebrated with joy and fervor. Different types of dishes are prepared on this occasion and the family deity is worshipped during this festive season.

Phagul/Suskar: It is celebrated during the month of February and March. During this festive day, the spirit of Kanda called Kali is worshipped and on the last day a grand feast is organised by the people

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Irrespective of the reason behind your visit, be it business or leisure, there are lots of things to do in Kinnaurwhich can be nature walks in the green forests areas, adventure treks or it can also be fun activities for family, kids in the hotel during visit to Kinnaur. Discover list of Tourism Kinnaur must visit places Kinnaur for the likings of all age groups which makes the place as ideal holiday destination.Kinnaur also provides travellers the luxury of exploring the real Himalayas as one can find lots of places to visit in Kinnaur and around which offers the majestic views of Himalayan peaks during the visit across untouched nature that this serene place has to offer on your Kinnaur Holidays.

Kinnaur Tourism

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