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Lohaghat Tourism

Lohaghat Tourism: A beautiful hill station with many attractions around, Lohaghat is a small town resides on the banks of Lohawati River. It is one of the most scenic destination in the Indian State of Uttarakhand. This place is situated around 14 km from Champawat . The hill station offers natural beauty in abundance as it is nestled amidst beautiful oak and pine forests.Situated at an altitude of 1800 metres , Lohaghat is one of the least explored tourist destination . This place is perfect for those people who wants to get away form the hustle-bustle of the city and spend some time in serentiy . Lohagaht tourism, have a great hystorical and mythological significance. The town is renowned for its beautifully carved temples, ashrams and historic structure. Places to visit in lohaghat includes Mayawati ashram, Mount Abbot, Banasur fort, Advait ashram and Pancheshwar. Pilgrims came into Lohagaht before visiting ashrams like Mayawati ashram, It is also close to various tourist attractions in the region like Shyamla Taal , Gurudwara Ritha Sahib etc. There are also few things to do in Lohagaht which includes trekking to the high altitudes, Nature walk, Sightseeing etc. Lohaghat is a place to enjoy the nature's beauty and because of the serenity it offers it is high rated among travellers. Lohaghat tourism offers opportunities for travellers to explore the nature in its best....

Why visit Lohaghat

Lohaghat is a serene hill station favoured with natural idylic beauty in abundance. Lohaghat satisfy travellers with its picutresque perspectives and exquisiteness,as it is set amidst sky high oak and pine forests. The peaceful environment and healthy climate make Lohaghat a perfect place to avoid hustle bustle of the city and to leave the stuffy condition of the plain. It is an admired destination with great historical and mythological sighnificance.

Sightseeing in Lohaghat

  • Lohaghat offers a number of sightseeing options. Mayawati ashram is one of the main lohaghat tourist place.The Advaita Ashram situated in Mayawati Ashram is a branch of the notable Ramakrishna Math, devoted to Swami Vivekanand. The ashram is likewise the editorial office of Prabuddha Bharat which is a monthly English journal.
  • The other fascination in Lohaghat includes vanasur ka kila which is found 9 km far from Lohaghat. It is accepted to be the place which was the capital of the evil Vanasur, who was defeated by Lord Krishna . You can easily reach there by taking a bus to cover 7 km distance from lohaghat and them 2 km more on foot.
  • Abbott Mount, another beautiful and serene place found 8 km far from Lohaghat. This place is an isolates spot, far from the hustle-bustle of city.Generally in winters it remains covered with snow. There are just 13 cottages spread over this hill offering peacefulness and perfection.
  • Lohaghat during summers is covered by Burans flower.

Activities in Lohaghat

  • It is a perfect place to enjoy nature walk on forest trails as it is arranged in the midst of magnificent oak and pine trees trees with rich natural charm. Meditation can be best experienced and learned in a calm and peaceful environment and Numerous guests come to Lohaghat to rehearse meditation and yoga in this peaceful mystique valley.
  • Lohaghat is a perfect place for bird watching, camping, trekking and photography. You will also discover a cricket pitch here with beautiful vistas of the encompassing Himalayas. Situated on the stairs from the fundamental street to the highest point of the town, the clamoring Khadi bazaar is an additional lohaghat tourist place of this curious town.
  • As there are not many accommodation options available camping is a major activity here. The hikers in this place often stay outdoors in the open under the starry sky. If you wanna do trekking in Lohaghat so you must bring your own equipment as it is not a trekking destination.

Places to visit In Lohaghat

Abbott Mount:- This sleepy, interesting and pleasing hilltop at a tallness of 6400 ft is a significantly alluring traveler spot in Lohaghat. The perspective of the conspicuous Himalayan crests from this slope is a joy to the eyes of a guest. The different bungalows scattered around this slope give it an unattractive feeling, and the serene area is a flawless spot for a little outing in the midst of the rich encompassing. A congregation is found amidst the approaching trees of a backwoods on this slope, which is a tranquil spot to invest energy in. Abbott Mount is the perfect goal for picture takers and enthused sights.

Mayawati Ashram:- Situated around 9kms from Lohaghat, Mayawati/Advait Ashram is another prominent vacationer and explorer goal. Mystics from everywhere throughout the world are pulled in to this Ashram, and it likewise offers grand excellence and stillness. The perspective of the Himalaya and its pleasant area makes this Ashram a remarkable engaging element of the residential community of Lohaghat. A library and exhibition hall are found inside the Ashram, those which are enticing to travelers and vacationers alike.

Devidhura Temple:- Found 45kms far from Lohaghat is Devidhura, which houses the well known Barahi sanctuaries. An outstanding reasonable is held each year, and it draws in individuals from Nepal, Kumaon and so forth upon the arrival of Raksha Bandhan. Jim Corbett's story known as 'Sanctuary Tiger' depends on the abnormal celebration held in this sanctuary. You can discover about this celebration after going to the sanctuary, whether amid the season of Raksha Bandhan, or at whatever other given time. The sanctuary is encompassed by wonderful approaching trees and new widely varied vegetation that give it a specific appeal and bait.

Vanasur Ka Kila:- Resting at a height of 1859mts, Banasur fort is found on the course known as Bhowali, renowned for the story of the executing of Vanasur. The start of River Lohawati is from the Banasur Fort. This post holds fanciful and also authentic significance, and gives an incredible perspective of Lohaghat from the top. A picturesque detect, this stronghold tells the legend of Banasur, one which is best gotten notification from local people and additionally manages in and around the region. The rich trees and bushes around, alongside an all encompassing perspective underneath make this fortress a cherished traveler goal.

Pancheshwar:- This little, lovely town near Lohaghat is met with a perspective of the two streams Saryu and Kali entwining, that render an excellent scene. Pancheshwar is quiet, and as of now, the hustle and bustle of the city and the pollution has had no effect on it.There is a well known Shiva sanctuary in the midst of this town, and it is a noteworthy fascination for enthusiasts. Indeed, even individuals from Nepal are baited towards this town because of the short separation between them. In the event that you are going from Delhi by rail or street, you will get an excellent perspective of your environment, and the course is much excessively delightful.

Must see places in Lohaghat

Mayawati Ashram

Mayawati Ashram

Vanasur Ka Kila

Vanasur Ka Kila

Abbott Mounts

Abbott Mounts

Meetha Reetha Sahib

Meetha Reetha Sahib


Why Lohaghat is listed among the Top Haunted places in India

Lohaghat situated in the Champawat district of Uttarakhand is one e of the haunted places in India. This scandalous place is a lodge on the Abbot slope called ABBEY where individuals have frequently revealed seeing mysterious activities. After evening nobody dare to go close to the place because of the fear spirits. On observing the photos you will think that its simply like one of the construction from the British Period. Painted white, encompassed by trees it remained solitary and looked serene. After building it the cottage owner lived here with his family for a long time and then they gave this place for building a hospital.
The hospital was charitable and in this manner it was filled with patients constantly. Great medicinal facilities, clean environment were one of alternate explanations behind its popularity however after a couple of years a specialist joined the place, which changed the reputation of this place. He had the energy of seeing the future, yet he never anticipated any great event in people's lives rather just their deaths! Every time when any new patient was admitted into the hospital, the specialist just by observing the new patient anticipate whether the individual will live or die. Infact he could predict the correct date of the death of the patient and therefore before a couple of days of that anticipated date, the patient was send to an exceptional ward called MUKTI KOTHRI (room of freedom).
Local people however trust that the specialist has no powers at all and he would kill the patient to demonstrate his predictions right and now souls of each one of those murdered are moving around the place and have cursed that place.

Lohaghat Tour Packages

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Best Time To Visit Lohaghat

The climatic conditions in the town of Lohaghat are like atmosphere of numerous slope stations in the state. The conditions are wonderful in the mid year and thus it is the pinnacle visitor season. Precipitation can be normal consistently. However the most extreme measure of precipitation is experienced amid the short storm season.
Winters are frosty and the temperatures regularly drop to around then the point of solidification. The late spring season is from March to June. The normal temperature amid these months is around 15C. Temperatures infrequently ascend past the 25 degrees Celsius check amid the late spring season.
The month of June is the most sultry part of the year and the normal temperature in June is around 19C. The short rainstorm season is from July to September. The most extreme precipitation is gotten amid the month of August. The normal temperature amid the rainstorm season is around 17C. The month of October is mellow with temperatures averaging around 15C. The winter season in the slope town is by and large chilly and the most reduced temperature is 0C. The normal temperature amid the winter season is around 8 degrees Celsius. January is the coldest month of the year.

How To Reach Lohaghat

Lohaghat By Flight:- The closest air terminal is Naini Saini, Pithoragarh (66 km). It is not a customary business airport however.

Lohaghat By Train:- Nearest Railway station is Tanakpur (89 km).

Lohaghat By Road:- Lohaghat is arranged on the primary motorable street and is very much associated with state expressways.

Lohaghat Tourism

Activities In Lohaghat

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