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Chamba Tourism

Chamba is the capital city of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, located in northern India. It is bounded by Mandi and Chamba in the north, Kinnaur in the east, the state of Himachal in the south-east, and Solan and Sirmaur to the south. The elevation of the city ranges from 300 to 2200 metres.[clarification needed] Chamba is well known as a hub for India's tourism sector. It is among the top 10 preferred entrepreneurial locations in India.

All Seasons group has grown into a travel,tourism empire offering a multitude of services in Chamba, Himanchal Pradesh.

Chamba Sightseeing Attractions /Tourist Places to visit

Chamba is a small town in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India. This town serves as the district headquarters of the Chamba district in Western Himalayas. The region has an altitude of nearly 3300 feet above sea level. The town, the valley and the district in which this town is situated share a common name of Chamba. This town is situated at the junction of River Ravi and River Sal, a tributary of Ravi. The Shah Madar hill serves as a beautiful backdrop to the town towards east. The old capital of this region was Bharmour, which is located 75 kilometres from the town of Chamba.In 920, after conquering the Ranas and the Thakurs at the lower Rani Valley Raja Sahil Verma shifted the capital of the kingdom to Chamba, following the specific request of his daughter Champavati. Chamba was named after her.

The town is known for its spectacular temple architecture and splendid natural beauty. The town is situated amongst beautiful valleys and has tourists visiting the place throughout the year. The area has rich flora and fauna in the Sub Himalayan ranges and is known for a pleasant climate throughout the year. The temples, lakes, and wildlife sanctuaries in the region makes it an ideal tourist destination. This place is also known as the Land of Shiva. It has a serene and untouched natural beauty. All this information and lots more is available in Chamba travel guide.

Chamba Climate/Best time to visit:-

Chamba summers are very hot mostly and winters are extremely cold. Summers temperature in Chamba range from 38 C max to 23 C min while in winters temperature range from 15 C max to 0 C min.

Events / Festivals in Chamba

Minjair festival: Minjair Festival in Chamba is a week-long festival celebrated in the month of July or August every year. It is celebrated in the month of Shravan according to Hindu calendar. It takes place in the Chaugan area which is converted into market place during the festival. The festival attracts visitors and participants from all across the country. This colourful festival is marked by processions of various deities. People dress up in silk tassel. The procession of the festival begins at Akhand Chandi Palace and terminates at the Police Lines Nalhora.

Chamba provides excellent shopping delights

Shopping in Chamba is a fun filled and refreshing activity. You can find a lot of things to buy when you are touring in and around Chamba. The traditional handicrafts in Chamba are very popular amongst tourists. Anyone will be enticed to buy the nearby made several handicrafts things of Chamba.

In this beautiful and amazing city of Himachal Pradesh, You have various options to choose to buy from either the local markets or the Emporiums that are operated by the State Government. The markets are well packed with all types of exotic handicraft articles.

There are lots of things to buy when you are in mood to shop in Chamba. Some of the most eye-catching items which you will definitely want to buy in this beautiful land of Chamba that will help you remind the delightful times of holiday in Chamba.

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Irrespective of the reason behind your visit, be it business or leisure, there are lots of things to do in Chambawhich can be nature walks in the green forests areas, adventure treks or it can also be fun activities for family, kids in the hotel during visit to Chamba. Discover list of Tourism Chamba must visit places Chamba for the likings of all age groups which makes the place as ideal holiday destination.Chamba also provides travellers the luxury of exploring the real Himalayas as one can find lots of places to visit in Chamba and around which offers the majestic views of Himalayan peaks during the visit across untouched nature that this serene place has to offer on your Chamba Holidays.

Chamba Tourism

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